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Quinlana was born in Porto, Portugal and is a brand focused on sustainable and ethical fashion, that uses recycled gold and silver elements, giving them a new life and turning them into beautiful, sophisticated and elegant pieces.

It's based on reused resources and focused on having zero waste of products, making the smallest footprint possible and being environmentally friendly.

Besides the recycled gold and silver elements, we work with consciously sourced stones and gold bath without environmentally harmful chemicals in silver pieces.



The Jewelry production method consisted of reusing waste from foundries and manufacturing processes that were carried out previously, making the pieces go through a recycled process.

The Silver Jewels were produced in 925 silver, which means that 92.5% of the alloy is silver.

Subsequently, all the pieces were bathed in an 18-carat gold pallet with 0.25 microns and a 24-carat strike fold with 0.05 microns.

The Stones in the earrings are called zirconias, and the necklace and ring were made using mother of pearl. The bracelet is made of freshwater pearl.

The Packaging that houses the jewelry box and velvet bag are handmade, and the mailboxes packages are mostly made of recycled paper.

Everything is produced in Portugal.


The Âme Soeur Collection, is the first collection and wants to convey the values that the brand has.

The outdoor photo shoot was held in Nespereira – Cinfães do Douro, Portugal, the Founder’s birthplace.

The horse used in the session, is called Trovão and has been in the Founder’s family since he was a baby which make the job easy due to the contact between them, providing to the animal all the conditions and comfort necessary for its well-being.


We believe in a organic communication with our customers and we feel that they have the right not only to know how all the products they buy were manufactured, but in the same way, where they came from. Quinlana works only with Portuguese suppliers, country of origin of the brand, which are:

Parts manufacturer – @ouronorofficial

Logo Designer, Social Media Layout and Jewelry design helper – @milagdesign

Photographer and Filmmaker – Ana Margarida Pinto Photography

Modeling by – Founder Inês Sousa, Models Josanni Rodrigues

And Inês Rodrigues

WebSite Developer – Rúben Lascasas

Packaging and card envelopes – @whitedesigncreativestudio

Mailbox packaging – Kasca Pack

Makeup Artist – @jessicateixeirabeauty

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