Brand Identity

A small composition of essential values.

Quinlana is a sustainable jewelry brand with a very strong brand identity.
Apologist of Slow Fashion and sustainable materials, it is a brand that bets 100% on recycled and conscious fashion.
All the jewellery production is carried out locally in Portugal, where the head office is located, focusing on small artisans, as is the case with all the packaging and other details.
Quinlana is equally ethical and also stands for values such as equality and inclusion, as well as fair professional appreciation, recognition of each individual, that is, all those who have somehow passed through the project are mentioned and recognised.

Quinlana has a mission to create and always bet on a high level of quality and excellence, and a personalized service directed to the primacy.
As a brand, we want to achieve more goals and levels in the area of sustainability, developing new projects and tracing new paths towards the constitution and contribution to a better planet.

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