Termos & Condições

These general conditions of sale are agreed between Quinlana Jewelry, with headquarters Rua Agostinho Alves de Sousa, Nº281 4510-472 Fânzeres Portugal, tax identification number 516336584, hereinafter referred to as Company and Brand and those who wish to make purchases through of the website www.quinlana.com hereinafter referred to as “User”.

The partes agree that purchases made through the website www.quinlana.com will be governed exclusively by this contract, excluding all conditions previously available on the website.

Quinlana regulates its activity by the transparency of relations with customers and suppliers, fully complying with all regulations in force and following the code of good conduct. The charges for returns are borne by the customer except Quinlana’s error.

1 – Quinlana guarantees quality standards in all items it sells.

2 – In case of error in the price, description or photo of a product, you will be promptly informed with the correct information. You can choose to keep the order with the corrected specifications or to cancel the order without any charge.

3 – We always keep the website updated with only the products we have in stock. Eventually it may be impossible to meet your order due to unexpected stock rupture, in such a situation you will be promptly informed of the fact as well as the expected waiting time for the replacement of stock.

4 – Quinlana reserves the right to change, without notice, the prices of articles or any other content of this website.

5 – The prices established, except for spelling error, publication or out of stock are valid only for this store and for the day on which they are announced.

6 – Promotional prices, unless otherwise stated, spelling error, publication or out of stock are valid only for this store and for the day on which they are announced.

7 – Quinlana takes seriously the privacy and protection of data recorded by its users!

8 – Quinlana asks for the name, e-mail address and other personal data whenever the user registers or orders a product from the store. The purpose of Quinlana in collecting as much personal data about its users as possible, is to provide a personalized service. Through detailed knowledge Quinlana gathers better conditions to offer content, services, and advertising tailored to each user.


  • Purchased products are shipped within a maximum of two business day with free shipping. This period is conditioned by stock availability.
  • Quinlana is proud to have a fair and economical shipping policy, not to use it as another source of revenue.
  • The transport company of the products used is CTT.

Shipping Rules

  • Quinlana prides itself on having an aggressive shipping policy, as it does not use it as another source of revenue.
  • Shipping is free regardless of the quantity of products.

Returns & Refund 

  • Your online order may be returned within 15 days of receipt. 
  • You must present the reason for the return of the order in writing via e-mail address customer@quinlana.com
  • The address to which you must send the order will be: Rua Agostinho Alves de Sousa, Nº281 4510-472 Fânzeres Porto
  • Returned goods are only accepted only if they were delivered with some kind of defect or incorrect order.
  • If the goods have deteriorated due to a more extensive use, we reserve the right to send the product back to the shipper.
  • If you prefer a refund, the same happens under the same conditions described above and the company may refund you up to 120 business days.

Privacy Policy

The processing of your data is done in compliance with the legislation on the protection of personal data. They, subject to computer processing, will appear on the COMPANY’s database and are intended for the registration and presentation of other products and services, as well as institutional information, to be made available by them.

Your provision is optional and, under the law, is guaranteed the right of access, rectification and cancellation of any data that directly concerns you, in person or by written means, directly to the address on the homepage of this website.

Data Protection Policy

For our company the protection of customer data is fundamental, fully agreeing with the new European Law and others that will come, in this sense we made an investment where we installed an SSL certificate with dedicated IP that encrypts any information placed on the website, you can notice that our site has the indication of Secure Connection.

Cookies Policy

The cookies used on the website, are only Essential Cookies, these cookies are essential to access the pages of the site and only allow navigation on the site, not doing collection of any data from users or navigation.

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